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InfoCloud Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2005. It is the company around Thomas Vander Wal's services as an advisor, consultant, and popular speaker covering the range of digital content/media, folksonomy/tagging, social web, and personal to social information use and reuse. Thomas saw people's use of digital information on the web changing in 2000 from an "I go get web" to a "come to me web". He sees people wanting to access information across devices and contexts in their life and help you build your services, sites, and tools to meet these wishes.

We see people using the information, but more importantly we see people reusing information. As examples we see people:

Prior to InfoCloud Solutions Thomas Vander Wal developed and fine-tuned his Model of Attraction and Personal InfoCloud frameworks for understanding this interaction with digital information and media. Much of the work InfoCloud Solutions provides is based on the Model of Attraction and InfoClouds to help people use and reuse information as they need when they need. He blogs about these subjects and others at Off the Top :: vanderwal.net and Personal InfoCloud.

Thomas honed his knowledge and skills developing, designing, and managing teams building large internet and intranet sites and social platforms for small to very large organizations.


InfoCloud Solutions, Inc. happy clients from large Enterprise, non-profits, education orgnizations, small and mid-size business, to start-ups. Thomas helps them get smart by providing them a framework to think intelligently through their options and make appropriate decisions.


Thomas Vander Wal

Principal & Senior Consultant

In Thomas' more than 21 years as a professional in information services and web he has worked in many industries and in many roles. He has always been the problem solver and the person who can see the big picture and put it into details to get it accomplished.

Thomas coined folksonomy in 2004 as part of his interest with how a novel approach to tagging aids a person refinding information and is also used to augment other information structuring methods so to help other people find information.

Thomas also presents and provides training at many conferences, workshops, and in-house events. In 2005 Thomas presented and lead discussions at more than 15 events across the U.S. and Europe on a broad range of topics including: folksonomy, Personal InfoCloud, social software, information architecture, design, web standards, ubiquitous computing (ubicom), tagging, and designing for use and reuse of information across devices.


InfoCloud Solutions is an internationally focussed company based in Washington, DC area. This location allows us to serve both coasts of the US, as well as Europe during the business day. Travel is easy from here when face-to-face meetings are needed.

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